2011 Celebrity Festivus Grievances That Will Make You Feel Better

When Seinfeld aired its episode "The Strike" on December 18, 1997, few people had ever heard of the holiday Festivus. Most still think it was a holiday invented by Jerry Seinfeld and celebrated every December 23. Seinfeld may have made Festivus what it is today, but he did not invent it.

The new holiday, a "Festivus for the rest of us was actually created by writer Dan O'Keefe whose son Daniel -- a Seinfeld screenwriter -- shared it with the world . Originally it was celebrated some time between February and May, but now December 23 is the day. It caught on. One of the hallmarks of the holiday is the annual "airing the of the grievances," which is really the time that we can all just get out what has been bugging us all year long. 

For celebrities, these lists of grievances could run long and sordid. After all, who has more problems than rich, powerful and famous celebrities? Am I right or am I right? Here are some celebs with major grievances in 2011:


Charlie Sheen: He's crazed, he's wacko and he was highly entertaining in 2011.

Grievances: Goddess abandonment, crazy exes with coke problems, tiger's blood deficiency and Chuck Lorre. Oh, plus Ashton Kutcher.


Demi Moore: Poor Demi was publicly dissed this year by her much-younger husband after he canoodled with chicks and chicks and more chicks.

Grievances: Younger men, husbands who cheat, slutty blonds in bikinis and Ashton Kutcher.


Ashton Kutcher: Ashton Kutcher was caught in a bunch of lies in 2011, lost his wife and family and stole Charlie Sheen's job.

Grievances: Older women, slutty blonds who brag and the name Ashton Kutcher. In 2012, he may look into changing it.


Kim Kardashian: It was a bad year for Kim. She was up in the summer when she got married and down by the fall when she got divorced.

Grievances: The American public abandoned her in her time of need. People were not supportive while she went through her idiotically quick divorce after her sham marriage. For shame America! Have you no loyalty?



Scarlett Johansson: She was naked online after her cell phone was hacked. She looked good, but given her two break ups this year, it was not a welcome controversy.

Grievances: Sean Penn, stupid cell phone hackers, celebrities who take and keep nude photos of themselves and then whine when they end up online. Oh wait. Never mind. Just Sean Penn. And Ryan Reynolds.

What grievances do you have for Festivus?

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