Khloe Kardashian Is Happy in Dallas Without Her Sisters (PHOTO)

khloe Kardashian Before I heard of the Kardashians, I used to feel a little twinge now and then over the fact that I never had a sister. But I took one look at the grin on Khloe Kardashian's face in the stands at a Dallas Mavericks pre-season game, and I think I'm pretty much cured of that. Khloe looks absolutely over the moon to be hanging out in Texas watching hubby Lamar Odom play some ball.

And why shouldn't she? She's finally escaped her family and all the drama they bring with them!


It was supposed to be a bittersweet move to Dallas for Khloe. Yes, hubs still gets to play basketball. But she's got to bid bye bye to Calabasas and her sisters. Sad, right?

Not if rumors that she wasn't exactly wiping away tears when she hopped on the plane are true. A source told Radar that Kourtney and Kim's little sister is relieved to have a little peace. With the couple's plans to pursue IVF so she can conceive after two troubling years of infertility, I am betting the source was close if not right on the money. 

Hanging out with your family is usually better when done in limited doses. Just think how you've planned your holiday trips -- the shorter the better, right? If you can schedule it so you spend just enough time to reminisce but not enough time to fight, you have got the best that family togetherness can offer.

But when you're all living right on top of one another, you can pretty much guarantee your blood pressure is off the charts. Not conducive to destressing and trying to make a baby!

And Khloe and Lamar are a young couple trying to start their lives. They don't need Kim's toxic views on relationships right now. And Khloe doesn't need Kourtney's pregnant belly or even cute little Mason in her face when she needs to focus on what's best for HER body and trust in the doctors. The move to Dallas is probably the best thing for their little family.

The way she's talking on Twitter, Khloe is more than a little ecstatic to be in the South:

Wow Dallas you guys are so freaking nice to me! Thank me!!! What a warm welcome! :) thank you @dallsmavs and everyone I have met :)

And she gets to shop for a house and decorations for it to boot! Who needs sister drama when you can do that?

Do you have a sister? Do you ever wish you could?


Image via SplashNews

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