Jail Time for Amber Portwood Won’t Help Her Change

amber portwoodAmber Portwood is in trouble, Teen Mom fans. She's been arrested yet again and get this: She'll likely stay in jail through the holidays. According to the Herald Bulletin, she was arrested for violating the terms of her probation. Two weeks ago she started a drunken brawl with a stranger at IHOP. And the Teen Mom star has also failed to nab that GED and complete her anger management classes. Sigh, Amber.

Something is definitely up with this teen mom -- but it may not all be her fault. Earlier this month she revealed that she'd been diagnosed with bipolar disorder years ago. This is one mom who needs some serious treatment. So I have to wonder, is jail really the best place for Amber right now?


I can understand how she might be a danger to herself and others. Boy do I get that! Yikes. Poor Amber is a roller coaster ride of destructive behavior. But this is also someone who has attempted suicide and was hospitalized just this fall for panic attacks and difficulty breathing. And six weeks before that, she was in rehab for depression and anger management problems. When is this girl going to get the help she needs?

I'll tell you one thing -- I don't think the Madison County, Indiana jail is going to get her that help. And can you imagine how much more depressed she'll be spending the holidays in jail? Doesn't that just seem inhumane? She would have to have done something heinous to deserve that. But Indiana laws are pretty tough on probation violations, and from their perspective, I'm sure they feel they can't make excuses for anyone.

I don't think jail time is going to help her make better decisions in the future. It just seems like Amber gets wake-up call after wake-up call, and none of them work for very long. This most recent arrest is just one more in a long line of real-world consequences that keep Amber in the cycle of self-destruction. Only serious, long-term treatment can pull Amber out of that cycle.

Why do you think Amber has been arrested again? Do you think jail time will help or make things worse?


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