Leaked 'Glee' Rihanna Cover Helps Us Get By Until New Episodes (VIDEOS)

Naya RiveraThank heavens for leaks! It was looking like we'd have to wait until mid-January to see how the first episode of Glee in 2012 would follow the Christmas craziness. But we found love, as Rihanna says, in a hopeless place.

No really! The hot single from Rihanna's Talk That Talk album has been Gleeked out for the Yes/No proposal episode, and we got not one but two divas singing it for us in the episode where Mr. Schue will finally pop the question to Ms. Pillsbury! So how does "We Found Love" rank against the last time the New Directions covered Rihanna? Well, hear for yourself!


First a listen at the first go-round, one of my favorites from Lea Michele of all her songs during the three Glee seasons. Way back in season one, she tackled "Take a Bow" after Finn ran off from their kiss, with a little help from Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz providing back-up vocals. It was a perfect Rachel Berry showcase:

And now we've got Lea Michele doing double duty with Naya Rivera, who rivals Riley and Michele for top songstress on the show (in my humble opinion anyway):

Oh. So. Hard ... to choose which is better! You really got the soulful quality of Lea Michele's voice in "Take a Bow," but "We Found Love" is supposed to be more sassy, which is so much more Santana's style! Bringing Naya in as a second voice seems to be just the right choice.

And if we go by Lea's Twitter, there will be at least one more song that features our favorite Glee girls. She let slip she's got a solo, a duet, and one song with the other ladies in the first episode of the new year. That means more Naya!

Will the Gleeked out Rihanna tide you over until the new year and some new Glee?


Image via Fox

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