'Kourtney & Kim Take New York' Recap: Kris Humphries Does Something Right

Kim KardashianSo far on this season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kris Humphries has been portrayed as a big, selfish, grunting lout. He was portrayed as that on tonight's episode as well, but he also got a bone thrown his way when it came to saving the relationship between Kim Kardashian and her BFF Jonathan Cheban.

The episode started out with Kim in a rage. Kris Jenner had called to let her know that she'd heard Jonathan was writing a tell-all book about Kim. Immediately assuming it would be all about her and her diva bitchy ways, Kim was determined to thwart his malicious mission.

Instead of just asking Jonathan about what she heard, she pretty much set him up with a test. When he failed to mention the book proposal among his many other ventures, she freaked out, then stormed out of the restaurant. She was convinced he'd betrayed her and had no intent of letting him defend himself. So she did the mature thing and started a Twitter war.


It was such a prime example of how Kim lets Kris Jenner control way too much of her thinking and actions. Instead of calmly talking to her long-time friend, she was instead egged on by Jenner telling her she can't trust anyone but her family.

And oops, Kris Jenner was wrong. When they got a hold of the actual proposal, they discovered it wasn't a tell-all at all, but rather a bubblegum book on how to be an "it girl" in Hollywood. So Kim just destroyed her friendship for nothing.

Jonathan wouldn't return her calls and even kicked her out of his apartment when she tried to apologize. It was only after Kris Humphries sent Jonathan a forward for his book that Kim had written but was hesitant about sending to him that Jonathan finally caved and they made up. So there you have it -- at least one thing Kris Humphries did right in their relationship.

Of course, that was pretty much negated by the big raging party he threw in their suite when Kim and Kourtney were out of town. While it seems like he should be able to have a few friends over, with their high-profile lives, it's understandable that Kim and Kourtney wouldn't want him to throw big parties with lots of random strangers there amongst their personal things. He knew better, and it just seemed like a big move to mark his territory and make sure Kim knew he would be doing what he wants and not always what she says. At least he fessed up and didn't let Scott Disick take the fall for him.

Meanwhile Scott has taken on the role of a saint finding his religion, acting all mature about the party and trying to shut it down, and then trying to take the blame for Kris. Who is this guy? I still don't like him (and lying even for a nice reason or because of "guy code" is still lying), and find his whole act rather pompous and annoying, but Mason in that yarmulke was beyond adorable.

Were you surprised to see Kim get so irate with Jonathan Cheban without having all the facts? Do you think Kris Humphries was wrong to throw the party?

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