Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Supports 'Toys for Lap Dances' on 'SNL' (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon on SNL

Earlier this week, we commented on a strip club that is offering lap dances in exchange for holiday toy donations. Yeah, we said WTH? too but decided to take the high road and talk about whether that's really the best way to boost charitable donations in a bad economy. We totally resisted the urge to bust a gut laughing and making jokes about the whole idea, but don't think we didn't want to. Turns out Jimmy Fallon took care of that for us last night on Saturday Night Live. The former SNL alum and guest star made a surprise appearance at his old Weekend Update newsdesk last night, when current anchor Seth Meyers introduced the story about the toys for lap dances. What followed were some awesome surprise appearances by more of our favorite former SNL cast members and a "joke off" that will have you roaring.


Gotta hand it to those SNL writers, the show has really been on fire lately, what with the hilarious Alec Baldwin American Airlines apology and now this. After Meyers introduced the contest, his former co-anchor Amy Poelher appeared on his left, followed by Tina Fey, who used to do the segment with Fallon, joining the skit. Even if you didn't think the jokes were that funny, it made you long for the old days just to see all of them back together again. Sigh.

Watch the video here and tell us which side won, although it really doesn't matter!

Image via NBC


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