Claire Danes Owes Repeated Golden Globes Nods to Her Mom (PHOTOS)

claire danes
Claire Danes at the Muse Awards
Full disclosure: I've been a huge Claire Danes fan since My So-Called Life. It was clear from the very first episode that this girl was the real thing, the genuine article. You just knew she was going to end up having a Meryl Streep kind of career, whereas other actresses on TV at the time (think the original Beverly Hills, 90210) were going to end up having ... um, a less prestigious career, shall we say?

Anyway. I can't think of a single less-than-stellar Claire Danes performance, and her portrayal of bipolar CIA agent Carrie Mathison in Showtime's Homeland is no exception. Which is why she was just nominated for what could turn out to be her third Golden Globe award, of course.

I was in the audience when Danes accepted another recent honor: A Muse Award from New York Women in Film & Television ...


martha stewart claire danes
Martha Stewart received a Muse Award, too!
And fellow My So-Called Life fans will be happy to hear that Danes' speech was as thoughtful, impassioned, and articulate as any Angela Chase monologue. But Claire seems to think a lot more of her mother than Angela thought of her mother. In fact, she counts mom as her biggest influence. 

"My mother, Carla Danes, is a visual artist," Danes said. "And I witnessed her long, hard battle in earning this title."

Danes went on to talk about her mother's struggles to become a fully realized, established painter and sculptor with two children.

"Despite her challenges in arriving at this place, she raised me to dream big and dream hard," said Danes. "My mother gave me the confidence to do that."

A fitting tribute for an awards ceremony recognizing strong, creative women.

Although Danes didn't give her mom all the credit.

"One of my first influences was a bearded lady," she said, referring to an apparently very eccentric dance teacher she had as a small child. (Did I mention Danes grew up in New York City?)

No wonder she's got such a broad range!

Do you think Danes will win a Golden Globe for Homeland?


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