Justin Bieber’s Vegas Grade School Performance Tugs the Heart Strings

justin bieberJustin Bieber is the man. Man-child? Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that Justin Bieber is the bomb dot com. After an Ellen show appearance back in November, Bieber made good on his promise to donate $100,000 to Whitney Elementary near Las Vegas, Nevada. The school, which has one of the highest rates of homeless kids in its county and whose students are very underprivileged, is a deserving recipient of Bieber's generosity.

But Justin, being the cute person that he is, didn't stop after the hundred grand. He decided to give the kids something they'll never, ever forget. It was a priceless gift, if you will -- Justin performed songs off his Christmas album Under the Mistletoe and everyone pretty much lost their minds.


As they should -- a private Bieber show is definitely something to go nuts about. I know there are tons of altruistic celebs out there who've given so much back, but it's great to witness Bieber getting in on the giving action at such a young age. He's got so many worshippers that any positive example he sets is sure to have some ripple down effect, no matter how small.

Mega-retailer Target matched Bieber's donation and the school plans to use the $200K to fund after-school programs. Target couldn't, however, match the smiles that Justin brought to those kids' faces when he sang and danced on their auditorium stage, but hey, who could ever match that.

The school's principal, Sherri Gahn, told the Washington Post that Bieber's concert was "the best Christmas present they'll ever have." I'm apt to agree with her because no matter how rich or how poor you are, seeing one of your favorite performers live is always an unforgettable treat. Throw in the fact that said performer has amazing hair, is world-famous, and can make girls faint with just one flip of his bangs, and yeah, it's by far the best gift ever.

What do you think of Justin's gift?


Photo via iloveJB123/Flickr

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