9 Most Ridiculously Judged Celeb Mom 'Faux Pas' in 2011

Katie HolmesThere comes a point as a mother where you realize that the minute you chose parenting, you signed yourself up to be judged like crazy. By EVERYONE! But if you think it's bad having to deal with that old lady in the supermarket acting like you don't know your own kid, try being a celebrity mom.

They've got the entire world telling them they're doing everything wrong. And because misery loves company, here's a look at some of the most overly judged celebrity mom faux pas of 2011. Next time you want to give that old granny in the grocery store a piece of your own mind, just pull up one of these for your moment of zen:


Katie Holmes Carrying Suri: Yes, it's true, everywhere she goes, Katie Holmes seems to have her 5-year-old in her arms. Which could mean she's a helicopter mom. It could mean her kid is a brat who is being uber-spoiled by her parents. Orrrrrrrr, it could just mean that the easiest way to get through a whole bunch of paparazzi with a 5-year-old is to scoop her up off the ground and use long adult legs to get a move on.

Kris Jenner Pushing Kourtney Kardashian to Get Married: After the disaster that was Kim and Kris' 72-day marriage, why in the hell would mama Kris want Kourt to tie the knot with Scott Disick? Doesn't she think things through? Maybe not. But then again, she could just be like, oh, I don't know, some 80 or 90 percent of grandmothers in America who want to see the parents of their grandchildren actually get hitched?

Kourtney Kardashian Getting Pregnant Again Without a Ring: Speaking of Kourt's growing belly, the most bizarre comments came straight from Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham who was shocked, and I mean SHOCKED, that the 30-something reality star would get pregnant again when she wasn't married to her baby daddy. Ahem, Farrah, honey? Kourtney is an adult with enough money to support both of her children. Not to mention the number of American households headed up by an unmarried parent these days is double what it was in the 1970s. She's hardly breaking some taboo here. 

Jennifer Lopez Vacationing Without Her Kids: Jennifer Lopez had the audacity to run off with her new boyfriend for a Hawaiian vacation during the Thanksgiving holiday. Can you believe it? A woman going through a divorce who didn't have her kids for the holidays actually decided to distract herself from that depressing fact? Scan-da-lous!

Michelle Williams Using Her Private Plane As a Flying Bed: Little Matilda's mama allegedly wasted a whole lot of jet fuel when she asked a pilot to extend her flight by some 90 minutes so she could get some much-needed shut-eye. To which I say, uh uh, how else did you expect her to get some sleep? I tell you from experience: 6-year-old children do NOT shut up so their mothers can catch some Zzzzzs.

Jessica Simpson "Hiding" Her Pregnancy: For awhile there, Jessica Simpson's baby bump was a running joke because we all knew she was PG, but she wasn't admitting it. But come now, who can blame her? After making the mistake of trying to live her first marriage in front of television cameras, only to have the whole thing blow up in her face, maybe she actually ... ahem ... learned from her mistakes?

Sarah Jessica Parker Dressing Like Her Kids: I'm the first person to say that people need to dress their age, and I'm not the biggest fan of the families who make every outfit match every day. But here's a thought: maybe SJP's teal leggings and her twins' teal raincoats had less to do with what mama wanted and more to do with the kids? My daughter is still at the age where she likes being associated with her mom, and I'm going to milk that one as long as I can. I can't imagine SJP is any different.

Debra Messing and Her Ex Shacking Up Post-Separation: So ladies, let's talk about this one. Have you ever struggled with how to protect your kid from the troubles in your relationship? Ever? Then let's give Debra a wee bit of a break for sharing a home with her son and the man she is likely to divorce, OK. She's having it hard enough!

Stephanie Seymour Kissing Her Son: Remember when the sexy model dared to wear a bikini on the beach and let her son kiss her near the mouth? I'm going to go out on a limb and bet people were more annoyed that she could look that good in that little clothing than anything. 

Do you feel a little kinship with these celebrity moms after reading this? When have you felt most judged as a mom?


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