10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Favorite ‘Glee’ Characters

Lea Michele Cory MonteithThe ball has dropped, Dick Clark has been slid back into the deep freeze, and it's time to officially develop that list of New Year's resolutions. But if the knowledge that you're just two or three days off from breaking said resolution is filing you with despair, perhaps a little glee is in order? Specifically some resolutions made for the characters on Fox's hit show Glee?

I confess I'm one of those TV viewers who can't help watching and ranting at the screen every once in awhile. Come on, admit it. You've done it too. You moan that if the character would just do this one thing, everything would make more sense. So here it is, our chance to give the New Directions a new lease on life in 2012:


Rachel: Branch out from the Catholic school girl section of the department store. Practice scaling back voice in preparation for being stuck in the chorus at NYADA.

Finn: Scout daily deals sites for reduced fares from Ohio to New York in order to comfort a neurotic Rachel every time someone else at NYADA gets the solo she wanted.

Kurt: Make Sebastian rue the day he ever set foot in Lima, Ohio and set his eyes on Blaine. Expand red items in wardrobe to match that darling Warblers' jacket.

Mercedes: Worm way back into Mr. Schue's heart. Who else is going to replace Rachel as New Direction's number one diva come graduation?

Quinn: Apply to Ivy League school. Have Ryan Seacrest tramp stamp lasered off my behind.

Puck: Study up on Ohio weather and realize pool-cleaning only provides a living for half the year. Perhaps buy a truck with a plow for the other half?

Brittany: Find a unicorn who poops glitter.

Mike Chang: Two words: voice lessons.

Mr. Schuester: Propose to Emma Pillsbury. Call the CDC and arrange for a sterilization unit akin to those used in hazmat areas to be installed in the house to prepare for possibility of le sexytimes.

Shelby Corcoran: Find a man my own age, or at least one who has a high school diploma and won't get me fired from my job -- I do have a kid to support!

What character do you have a New Year's resolution for?


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