Ali Lohan Anorexia Rumors Are Serious Business

ali lohanDoes it look like Ali Lohan is getting dangerously skinny? The Gloss says Lindsay's little sis is so gaunt, she's starting to attract anorexia rumors -- and going by the photos they have up today, I can see why. I'm thinking even Kate "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" Moss would hand Ali a hot dog at this point.

We've already noticed the fuller lips and higher cheekbones that suddenly appeared on Ali's face -- poof! As if the Model Fairy had waved her magic wand! But now her already-slim bod has officially crossed over to dear God, woman, eat something before you fall over. Whether or not she's technically anorexic, it looks like Ali's big, public, celebrity life is already taking a toll on her body.


Not to mention, maybe I'm projecting a little here, but the girl looks HUNGRY in most of her pictures these days. Angry-cranky hungry! Like what a friend of mine calls "THIN" -- tired, hungry, irritable, nasty. And in Ali's case, it doesn't just apply to her mood. She radiates an aura of ill health: pale, pasty skin and dull, hollowed-out eyes.

Are the pressures of celebritydom too much for her? Maybe it's time for formerly-anorexic actress Tracey Gold to stage an intervention. Tracey just debuted her new reality TV show, Starving Secrets. She struggled with anorexia herself, starting when she was in her teens when her character on the TV show Growing Pains became the target of fat jokes. Tracey took the pressure to slim down so seriously, it almost killed her. At her lowest point, she weighed 80 pounds. No one wants to see Ali get to that point.

I can see how constantly getting photographed would be terrifying. Ali being a Lohan, you never can tell how much the thinness is about the pressures of celebrity -- and how much of that pressure comes straight from Dina. Could it be that Mom is the one who is out of touch over how thin a girl needs to be to make it in Hollywood? Too many late-night critiques over paparazzi photos, maybe? If so, I hope Ali gets a wake-up call before she becomes seriously ill.

Do you think Ali is getting too thin? Is she suffering from the pressure of her celebrity lifestyle?


Image via Splash News

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