Top 10 Favorite 'DWTS' Celebs in 2011

It was a big year for Dancing With the Stars. We had break-out stars (Julianne Hough) and major stumbles (Kirstie Alley) and many who were willing to just keep coming back for more no matter how bad the hate got (Chaz Bono).

The show was better than ever in 2011 and really opened up the gates of diversity and tolerance in a way few shows do. I used to be embarrassed to watch DWTS, but now I watch it proudly. I think what they're doing is important and good and meaningful.

All that said, it's the celebs who really make the show great and this one had some doozies. Here are the top 10 cast members (and rumored cast members) of 2011:

  • Ricki Lake: She didn't win, but she kind of did. It was her big comeback and boy did she remind us how charming and sweet and funny and talented she is, after all. 
  • Kris Jenner: There are rumors that Kris Jenner could be on Dancing With the Stars and given her son and her daughter (Kim) have been on the past, it could be true ... I say bring it on! Who doesn't need a little more Kardashian?
  • Chaz Bono: The first transgender contestant, Bono was brave and fun to watch. He stayed on longer because he gained so many fans and broke so many barriers. Go ABC and go Chaz!
  • Rob Kardashian: Who knew I really liked him, but wow. He could dance. He made it to the top 3, but he was also charming and sweet and emotionally honest. Definitely a keeper!
  • Ralph Macchio: He was the darling of Season 12. Seriously, where had he been hiding? He was adorable and sweet and smooth and still looks about 12. He was one of my favorite contestants of all time.
  • Kirstie Alley: She stole the show with her big personality, weight loss, and hysterical sense of humor. She was a natural. Encore!
  • Nancy Grace: She made a splash in every way, through body functions and nipple flashing. She was the one to watch in Season 13. 
  • JR Martinez: Everybody's hero, an actor, and a veteran, he won Season 13 handily as well as every one's hearts. 
  • Stevie Wonder: Will he or won't he on Season 14? That's the big question. 
  • Julianne Hough: She has a movie and a seemingly amazing acting career, and she made an appearance on her former show looking better than ever. She is totally a break-out star and I bet her brother follows.

Who did you like?


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