2012 Resolutions for 10 'Teen Mom' Stars

It's that time of year when we all start to reflect on the year past and think about what we might have done differently and what we should and will do differently in the year ahead. New Year's Resolutions are infamous for the fact that most of us break them within a couple days, but for some, they actually stick. That is why this year, I have decided to help out a few of our favorite people from MTV's Teen Mom with making their list of resolutions.

In 2011, we've seen the girls on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 struggle to learn the same lessons all parents have to learn, but most of them are doing it alone with little help and at a much younger age. There is no doubt that these girls need all the help they can get.

But it isn't just them. There are a host of people around them who also need to make some resolutions, stat. So here are 10 resolutions for 10 stars of MTV's Teen Mom:

  • Jenelle: In 2012, I will quit smoking pot, quit fighting random people, and quit Kieffer. I will find a good boyfriend and finish school. Who am I kidding? Actually, I will just spend more time with my son Jace, and I will stop saying I am "babysitting" for him.
  • Barbara (Jenelle's mom): I will start counseling to try to understand why I am such a raging bee-yotch. I will no longer refer to my daughter as a "slut" or a "whore" because, you know, that could have been somewhat damaging and stuff.
  • Catelynn: I will stop putting so much pressure on Tyler and our relationship. I will loosen up and trust him more.
  • Catelynn's mom: I will NOT bother Butch when it's against his parole. I will stop being a fool in love and get smart. Or at least I will get smarter.
  • Farrah: I will stop thinking everyone is out to get me and that actually I am kind of mean and judgy, which is why people don't like me.
  • Ebony: I am not a Teen Mom star, but I was on 16 and Pregnant and I lived in a house of horrors. In 2012, I will clean up all the feces from dogs and babies and any adults as well. 2011 was the year of the poop, but this year won't be!
  • Maci: I will finish school and make that a much higher priority than my boyfriend or potential second baby (am I insane??).
  • Gary Shirley: I will prioritize Leah's happiness and stop making up with Amber until she shows real improvement.
  • Kieffer: I will realize no one likes me and disappear from Jenelle's life.

What are your resolutions for the teen moms?


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