EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek at a Real Housewives Holiday

sonja morgan and ramona singer
Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer
Ever wonder how the Real Housewives of NYC spend the holidays? Somehow it's hard to imagine those lovely ladies parked around a tree wearing ugly sweaters and drinking eggnog out of Santa Claus mugs. We expect -- no, we need -- a healthy dose of seasonal sparkle from our Housewives!

We caught up with Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan at the recent New York Women in Film and Television's Muse Awards ceremony, where we asked them about their holiday plans. And guess what?

No eggnog or Santa mugs involved ...


Ramona, for one, is making a huge holiday change this year.

"This is the first time we're not doing Christmas in the Hamptons in forever," she says. "We got a three-foot tree for the apartment and put it on the tabletop and we're going to St. Martin!"

(See? No need for an ugly sweater in the tropics!)

"We're doing Christmas on the beach," she adds, striking a surfer pose. "Warm water!"

Sonja won't be catching a chill this Yule, either.

"I was invited to spend Christmas at the Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach," she says, looking thrilled. "You know, I'm a single lady. Last year I had my daughter, we did a family Christmas. This year I won't have her, so I figure I want to do something for me!"

Good thing both Ramona and Sonja look very swimsuit-ready.

"Did you see those bikini pictures from Miami?" asks Sonja. "Not bad for an old lady, right?"

Nope, not bad at all! Most young ladies should be so lucky.

Here's wishing a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Real Housewives. Oh, and next year? 

Can I come to St. Martin, too? (Or Palm Beach. Either is fine. I'm not picky.)

How do you think the other Real Housewives will be spending the holidays?

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