'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Has Wasted Our Hope

Teen Mom Amber Portwood has squandered every opportunity she has ever been given and now it seems her probation is just the latest. Portwood, who is on probation for assaulting Gary Shirley the father of her daughter, Leah, violated the terms of her deal by getting into a fight in an IHOP (classy).

Amber, Amber, Amber. I really do feel for the girl. She has had so much help in so many ways and she just squanders it again and again. She has not even started an education fund for Leah despite the money she gets from MTV. She has also not completed her GED or her complete six months of “anger control and evaluation classes.”

There is a time for pity and for wanting to help her, but that time has passed. Girlfriend needs some tough love, stat.


Portwood has had more opportunity that 99.9 percent of other teenagers in similar circumstances. She has had money, fame and plenty of chances to get her life together. She even has a man who, for better or worse, was willing to stick by her and is devoted to their daughter.

So many it is time to face the reality that Amber is just a giant mess. She will never get it together and she will always be a hot mess. She has had so many chances and she pays lip service to getting her education and getting a career and saving for Leah, but she does none of it.

If I were her (and thank goodness I am not) I would use that money for helping to make Leah's life better. There must be good private preschools where they are and she could put the rest away for college.

Instead, Amber does God knows what and constantly messes up. She is not an idiot, but she sure does act like one. Someday soon, the American public will move on and no one will care what Amber is doing. And when that day comes, she better have a back up plan.

Right now, she has nothing. Amber's court date is January 13 when a judge will decide how to proceed concerning her violations. She faces up to two years in prison. Maybe she SHOULD go to jail. Maybe that would scare her straight.

Do you think she will ever get it together?


Image via MTV

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