Kardashian Cash Is No Longer Kris Humphries' for the Taking

kourtney and kim take new york kris humphriesI'm not taking sides here, but I gotta say, I do feel a bit bad for Kris Humphries. He seems to have been dragged through the mud unwittingly, and I'm pretty sure the way he's being portrayed in this post-divorce showdown isn't exactly an accurate representation of the way it all actually went down. But at the same time, no one can feel that bad for the guy. He should have known what he was signing up for -- from the minute he got involved with Kim Kardashian.

That's why right now, the powers that be at E! are probably rolling their eyes. Kris has reportedly threatened to sue their pants off if they don't double his salary for Kourtney and Kim Take New York, according to Star magazine. He wants $50K an ep, because he says the show is doing so well due to the nasty way he's been portrayed and also, he's suffering "emotional distress" as a result of that portrayal. Wah wah!


I say: PURE SOUR GRAPES, Kris! Deal with it! I'm sure there was something in his contract that basically negated any argument he could make for more money now. He pretty much signed his life away when he told E! they could infiltrate his "relationship" with their cameras.

Also, he's got it all wrong, trying to latch onto cash from something that's now very much in the past. It's done, it's over, move on, man. The wiser way to go would be to go after new sources of income ...

Of course, there's the post-lockout world of the NBA. And I'm sure there are some fun deals he could strike related to that. He could be a diva with them and demand more cash from his next contract, simply because he's got major publicity clout now. But he could also try to do his own thing in the entertainment world. Go on The Bachelor? Get his own TV show centered around hitting the dating world as a divorcee? Be a judge on a new show called America's Next Top Reality Star?

But the most obvious way to go: Pen a tell-all, Kris!! Get Ray J in on it, while you're at it! Or turn it into a multimedia sensation -- a book, an expose documentary, and a TV special about the former, to boot! Seriously, this guy has got to get more creative, because at this point, going after E! is just a petty, ridiculous waste of time.

Do you think Kris Humphries deserves a raise for Kourtney and Kim Take New York? What else should he try to make $$$?


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