Ryan Gosling’s Golden Globe Nomination Is All the Sexy We Need

ryan goslingThe Golden Globe nominations were announced today and our man Ryan Gosling got a nod for Best Actor in a Drama for his role in The Ides of March. I didn't think the movie was that good at all, but agree that Ry Gos was amazing in it. To be fair, though, Ryan could swim through a lake of pig's blood, cuss out my mom, eat a jar of capers, which, for the record, I abhor, kick me in the shins, spit on a baby, and use air-quotes to tell me that I look "puffy" and I'd still think he was the bee's knees. 

Anyway, the most important thing in life is that Ryan, and his fans, are happy. I think we all remember that dark day when People accidentally named Bradley Cooper the sexiest man alive, but today we get our comeuppance. Today, Ryan is recognized for what matters most (to him, probably) -- his talent.


So take that Bradley! Take your chiseled cheeks, piercing blue eyes, French competency, and stick it! Ryan's back on top with this Golden Globe nomination and I for one couldn't be more excited for him. There's so much to look forward to -- his outfit on the red carpet, his acceptance speech, and most of all, his table.

I can't wait for Ryan and all his Hollywood buddies to sit around getting drunk, smiling, laughing, and letting Ricky Gervais' insults just roll off their backs as they sit around a large table right in the front. I bet he'll sit with George Clooney and other Ides co-stars. It's going to be a raucous good time, I just know it.

But you know who will be missing? Cooper. Because he wasn't nominated. He may be the sexiest man alive, but he won't be crossing his fingers hoping that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association hands him a trophy. And to my Ryan, it's more important that he gets an accolade for his acting over some stupid compliment on his hot, hot, hot, hot face and body.

Do you think Ryan Gosling should win the Best Actor award?


Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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