Howard Stern Will Totally Spice Up 'America's Got Talent'

Howard SternIt's hard to keep track of all these singing, dancing, talent-type shows, because there are approximately 47 of them on TV right now. And they all seem to be switching out and changing hosts and judges. The latest shuffle? It comes to us from America's Got Talent, and their new host, Howard Stern, who's replacing Piers Morgan.

An interesting choice, wouldn't you say? Putting the older, raunchy radio host, more or less uncensored, on the wholesome, family show. But you know what? I think it's so crazy that it just might work.


I wasn't always a Howard Stern fan. It took me some time to come around to him, but after I did, I got him. I realized that beneath all the salacious behavior and idiotic guests was a dude who's not only honest, almost to a fault, but a dude who seriously knows how to keep people interested -- even if the subject matter is yawn central. And let's be honest, America does not always have talent.

I'm guessing Howard's role on the show will sort of be like Simon's on American Idol -- the hard ass with a serious eye for what's good and what should get the boot. Stern is different from Cowell, though, in the sense that he's not a stuffy British gentleman, but a burping, farting man of the people. Stern will also be able to attract a new audience to the show -- his audience, which is massive.

And the craziest part of all is that NBC is so confident in their decision to hire Stern that they're moving the entire production to him in New York. That's some serious pull.

I think Stern's going to do a tremendous job on the show, I really do. And despite what seems like his inability to take anything seriously, I think he's going to go balls to the wall with this one. He even told his morning show audience, "I take judging very seriously ... in order to up my credibility, I will wear a suit." Classy.

Do you think Howard Stern is a good choice for the show?


Image via Theo Wargo/Getty

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