Lindsay Lohan Finally Gets an ‘Atta Girl’ From Judge

lindsay lohanSounds like someone's making a last-ditch effort to get on Santa's "nice" list -- Lindsay Lohan was on-time to court today and got a great report card. The judge was impressed with Lindsay's morgue work and the efficacy with which she completed her community service duties. It was all smiles as Lindsay and her lawyer finally heard some good news in the courtroom, and some people are optimistic that this is a sign that LiLo's ready to turn her life around.

To which I say, not so fast. Wasn't it just a few days ago that Lindsay was partying in Hawaii? That she lost her passport, missed her flight, and consequently missed her scheduled appearance on Ellen?


So yeah, I don't think Lindsay's changed all that much. I'll concede that it's a step in the right direction that she did what was mandated by law, but let's not give her too much credit here. She did what she was supposed to do. Should we really be that excited that she didn't roll into court with the words "F*ck You" painted on her nails ... again? I don't think so.

It's great that she's cleaned up her act enough to make the judge proud, but we who wish Lindsay well need to be cautious. It's going to take time for her to do a 180 and start living a happy, clean life. I love a good comeback story, so I'm really hoping she turns her life around, but one win when you're 0-1,000 doesn't make that big of a difference.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for January, so we'll see then if this upward trend toward the positive continues. Only time, and drug tests, will tell.

Do you think Lindsay's back on track?


Photo via Splash News

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