SAG Awards’ 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Snub Is Great News for Fans

Girl With the Dragon TattooDon't freak out, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo fans. There is some bad news to report that you should be careful not to take the wrong way: The 2011 film remake got a major snub by two major awards shows this week. That's right, no nominations for Best Actor or Best Actress for Daniel Craig or, in what is even more of a shocker, Rooney Mara, no Best Movie or Best Director contention, either. Even despite all the amazing reviews and a kick-ass trailer that I can't stop watching.

But what seems like bad news for the people and the actors actually involved in making the movie is really good news for you and me, the Book People who know the original, unbastardized story and are beyond excited to see the film when it opens in theaters next week.


Book People loved the novel for being dark, twisted, disturbing, and sexy. Daniel Craig is already warning parents not to take kids to see the film. Since the Hollywood types who love to sterilize films didn't nominate it for any big awards, that tells us that the film will probably be true to the book. Movie adaptations are rarely as good as the book, but sometimes they are downright butchered to the point it's an entirely different story.

I still have not recovered from what movie people did to John Irving's poignant and intricate A Prayer for Owen Meany when they bastardized the story and entire meaning into something called Simon Birch. There are sometimes rules about movies not being able to reproduce a book exactly, but still. It was dreadful and seriously scared me away from wanting to see films made after books ever again. The film version of Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper was enjoyable until the end when they totally changed the critical final scene and totally wrecked it.

The SAG didn't nominate Dragon Tattoo for any awards, while the Critics' Choice Awards did nominate the film in two categories that no one really cares about -- Best Editing and Best Score.

With most of the advance reviews raving about the film, calling it "kick-ass," "dark, cold, and kinky," and "electrifying," we should not be worried that the film sucks. But on the off chance it does, at least you can close your eyes in the theater and listen to the award nominated movie score by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. That's worth the 12 bucks alone, I promise.

What books turned films made you want to leave the theater and demand your money back?


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