Kim Kardashian Has No Business Trading Wedding Gifts for Watches

kim kardashianI've gotta hand it to Kim Kardashian's PR people. After she announced that she was divorcing Kris Humphries after four minutes of wedded bliss, there was only about a week of Kardashian backlash. Since then, all the negative press has gone to Kris. Every rag mag cover in town features a photo of a grief-stricken Kim with some bogus caption like, "Husband From Hell" or "Why I Had to Get Out." Yes, I've seen bits and pieces of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, so yes, I realize that Kris is kind of a neanderthal of a man, but both parties are at fault in the situation. Not just him.

Which is why I'm the tiniest bit pleased at this recent bit of gossip that surfaced, which claims that Kim -- wait for it -- sold her wedding gifts and used the cash to buy Rolex watches for her family.


The "report" comes from Star magazine -- so do with it what you will -- and it claims that Kim waltzed into some fancy boutique in Hollywood, sold back a bunch of her and Kris's wedding gifts, and purchased the uber-expensive watches for her family. This allegedly went down the week after she filed for divorce, and supposedly Kris is "furious" about the whole thing. According to the always-trusty anonymous source: "[Kris] told Kim from the beginning that he wanted her to return the wedding gifts to guests who bought them. But she totally ignored him and just went ahead and did this. He thinks it’s disgusting."

Hmm ... hard to say if this is true, as, well, it's coming from Star, but if it is -- wow. That is really, really gross. Everybody knows that if you don't get married -- or if you were married for less than three months -- you return the wedding gifts! You no longer need matching robes, fine dining china, or 36 wine glasses. And what makes the whole thing even worse is Kim is probably way more loaded than any of the guests she invited.

If Kim really did this, I'm not pleased, but like I said, she does deserve some of the backlash, as well. Not that I'm some giant Kris Humphries fan, but he shouldn't be the only one having to deal with all the negative press. There were two people taking part in that fairytale wedding.

Do you think Kim really did this?


Image via Lisa Maree Williams/Getty

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