'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Chelsea & Jenelle Need Arranged Marriages

Teen Mom 2 is starting out this season with the girls in some pretty dark places, and it's hard to see how they're going to emerge without some major issues. This season looks like it's going to be a hard one.

Kailyn has finally decided to start looking into public assistance, which, really, she should have done long ago. If anyone needs it, it's Kailyn, whose mother isn't at all helpful in terms of helping her make her way in life and whose ex-boyfriend only helps minimally with the baby. She needs public assistance, so her shame at the idea seems pretty silly.

Meanwhile Leah and Corey are still dealing with their daughter's eye issues and, although they seem close and loving right now, we all know from the tabloids that they end up divorced. It's hard to tell since they seem so happy, but we all know what is coming.

The worst, of course, is Jenelle and Chelsea.


These two girls can't pick a man to save their lives. Chelsea keeps going back to Adam who hasn't exactly been a stellar father and who has been an even worse boyfriend. Memo to Chelsea: When EVERYONE in your life says someone is wrong for you and they hate him, when your loving father rolls his eyes and shakes his head and looks like he is about to cry when you say you are back with a guy, usually that is a monumentally bad sign.

Meanwhile, Jenelle is doing the same with her loser, druggie boyfriend, only they get the added bonus of doing it all homeless.

Truly, these girls would do better with an intelligent adult making their dating choices. Neither Chelsea or Jenelle has shown any aptitude for picking men on their own. Even worse is the fact that Jenelle's boyfriend isn't even Jace's dad. So she stays with this uber-loser for no reason that anyone can explain.

It's tragic. These girls seem bound and determined to make their mistakes even worse. And yet, it's hard to know what came first. Were they so hell bent on self-destruction before the babies (probably) or did this happen after?

If a girl can get pregnant at 16, something is very wrong, so my guess is they likely were always like this.

Would you arrange a marriage for Chelsea and Jenelle?


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