'Glee' Recap: Matthew Morrison Delivers Our Christmas Gifts (VIDEO)

Glee ChristmasGleeks, now we know what happens when Matthew Morrison moves from the front of the camera to the background. The incomparable Mr. Schuester moved to directing for the first time to give us the "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" holiday episode before Glee sneaks off into hiatus land. And if you don't have a heaping helping of holiday spirit on your plate by now, well bah humbug to you.

With Morrison at the helm, the New Directions did exactly what they do best -- rip off, er, cover favorites with a Glee twist that makes you want to run to iTunes to buy your own copy. Only in addition to songs, this time they added the holiday specials of times gone by to the mix. And then there's the super special gift they gave us all.


But first, the covers that melted our hearts:

Star Wars Holiday Special: We had Chewbacca in the flesh (fur?), and Finn and Puck would have been dressed as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo if it weren't for copyright infringement.

A Christmas Carol: It wasn't much, but a reference to Tiny Tim counts as an ode to the classic Dickens tale. Even if it was an over-eager local TV station head trying to compare Artie's wheelchair-bound state to the son of Bob Cratchit.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Lima's own leprechaun posing as Itchy the Elf and reciting the gospel of Luke was an obvious tribute to Linus Van Pelt's bit in the Charlie Brown play. But did you happen to catch Rachel Berry's homage? Here's a reminder: "All I want is what I ... I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share." Rachel might have said it about the list of gifts she dropped on Finn, but Sally Brown said it first!

Judy Garland Christmas: The black and white shots at Kurt and Blaine's "bachelor pad" were a direct tribute to Judy Garland's variety show from 1963 ... right down to the set!

Added on top of tributes to Christmas carols from Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey, and Joni Mitchell, it seems the New Directions did get a wee bit tired of having to follow someone else's lead. Which means we got the very best gift of all from Morrison to keep us holding on until they come back on January 17 with Mr. Schue's big proposal for Ms. Pillsbury (at least that's what they're teasing us with): the first original song since nationals!

Have an Extraordinary Merry Christmas everyone! Did you love the holiday episode?


Image via Fox

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