Brooke Mueller Can Be a Rehab Success Story Like These Celebs

brooke muellerI don't want to jinx anything, but it sounds like Brooke Mueller finally made a good decision. According to her rep, the ex-Mrs. Charlie Sheen has checked into a full-time, long-term rehab facility, deviating from her original plan of attempting outpatient rehab so she wouldn't have to leave her kids. She apparently changed her mind after much "reflection and consideration."

I wish Mueller the best, I really do. Who wouldn't be a bit of a train wreck after a marriage to Charlie Sheen? And with her two beautiful sons to motivate her, I see no reason why Mueller shouldn't be able to get well and earn her place in one of Hollywood's most exclusive groups: Celeb rehab success stories.

Can't think of any other members? That's probably because they've been sober for so long, you forgot they were ever messed up! Here are just a few ...


Robert Downey Jr. I'm still impressed by this brilliant actor's comeback. Don't forget, there was a significant period of jail time served -- not a Paris Hilton sentence, a real one. Now he's box office gold (again). Truly inspiring.

Drew Barrymore The girl had a substance abuse problem before she was old enough to get a driver's license! And just look at her now. If she can do it, anyone can.

Gary Oldman Anyone who can play both Sid Vicious AND Dracula convincingly must have some major demons ... and Gary Oldman does. Or did, rather. The mind-blowingly talented actor has had his alcoholism under control for years.

Russell Brand Heroin, crack, prostitutes ... Brand makes Mueller's ex look like a choirboy. (Okay, maybe not.) Still, he's made serious, serious strides. Pretty incredible.

Eva Mendes Bet you didn't know this beauty voluntarily checked into treatment for "substance abuse" issues! Clearly she's doing fabulously these days.

There are many, many more celebrities who have battled addictions and won -- or, perhaps more accurately, who continue to fight the good fight every day. Hopefully Brooke Mueller will gain strength from their success and find a way to follow in their footsteps.

Do you think Brooke Mueller will recover from her substance abuse problems?

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