Sarah Palin’s New Reality Show Is Deservedly D.O.A.

todd palin sarah palinWhat if I sat you down and pitched you an idea for a TV show that centered around snowmobiling -- would you be interested? Probably not, because, yeah, not that many people are interested in the jet skis of the winter. Sarah Palin thought she could make a show about her husband Todd Palin's champion snowmobile racing career, but despite being teamed up with famous reality producer Mark Burnett, the former Governor has gotten zero bites from networks. Not surprisingly, no one's really fired up by the idea of watching Todd Palin putzing around the frozen tundra on a snowmobile.


Mrs. Palin, who had a hit reality show with Sarah Palin's Alaska, probably thought that if she got away with doing that, she and Todd had as good a chance as any to have TV crews follow Todd around as he froze his butt off on a snowmobile. Gratefully, networks like TLC and A&E have said thanks, but no thanks. This show is honestly one of the worst ideas I've heard all day, and someone suggested I see Tower Heist, so yeah, there was some competition.

The Hollywood Reporter hypothesizes that the idea fell flat because Sarah Palin's celebrity is wearing off, which, to me, just gives way too much credit to the original concept that, may I remind you, is about Todd Palin on a snowmobile. I mean, maybe I'd be intrigued by the concept if the show featured Todd riding naked through the woods wearing nothing but the American flag as a cape, shooting leaves off trees with his .22, howling at the moon, and sleeping inside a dead bear carcass to keep warm, but no such promises were made.

We'll have to wait and see if the show gets any buyers, but I have a feeling it's already dead on arrival.

Would you watch a reality show about Todd Palin's snowmobiling career?


Photo via david_shankbone/Flickr

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