Angelina Jolie Is Genius to Jump on the Pregnancy Bandwagon

angelina jolieStop the press. Hold the phone. Call every newspaper in town. Angelina Jolie told Marie Claire, "I could wind up pregnant." No, I'm not making this up or even being hyperbolic. In a recent interview with the mag, Brad Pitt's partner actually uttered those five words. And just so your body doesn't spontaneously combust from excitement over the thought of another Jolie-Pitt child's feet touching the ground upon which we walk, you should know the full statement was: "Nothing is planned at the moment, but we just don’t know. I could end up pregnant."

But still.


Here's one of the thing that I love and admire about Angelina -- she really knows how to get the peoples talking. I don't really think the actress and her partner seriously have any plans to have more kids. Will they? Yeah, sure, perhaps. But her teasing the world with the possibility of having another golden child drives everyone wild. Google "Angelina Jolie" right now. I dare you. Check out your favorite gossip sites. It's all Angelina and "OMG, is she going to have another baby?! Blaaaaaaa!!!"

Other celebrities, even when they're what appears to be six months pregnant, never utter a word about pregnancy. It's always, "No, we don't plan on having children any time soon," then bam! A pregnancy announcement two weeks later. See, what these coy, deny-deny-deny celebs don't realize, though, is that if they say "maybe" a la Queen Jolie, they'll get themselves a whole boatload of publicity. And isn't that ultimately what every celebrity wants?

Do you think Brad and Angelina will have another baby?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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