'Survivor' Star Richard Hatch’s Sperm Donor Reality Show Will Be Deranged

Hey, remember Richard Hatch? He says he's sick of being known as "that fat naked guy from Survivor," but let's be honest, most of us will totally always think of him as the fat naked guy from Survivor. It's a little better than "that aggressively douchey reality guy who went to prison for not paying his taxes," right?

Hatch was sprung from jail on Monday, where he'd been serving nine months for failing to pay taxes on his Survivor winnings as well as other sources of income. Mind you, this was nine months on top of the three years he already spent behind bars, because apparently he was freed in 2009 but failed to pay those pesky back taxes he'd been ordered to take care of.

As if his crime isn't crazy enough on its own (OMG JUST WRITE THE DAMN CHECK), Hatch has some very interesting theories on why he was busted—and an even more interesting idea for an upcoming reality show.


Hatch maintains his innocence, claiming that he's paid every penny that he's ever owed in taxes, and that "it's very, very difficult to (...) continue to be persecuted" for a crime he didn't commit. As for why he was found guilty, Hatch believes it had to do with his sexual orientation as a gay man, since jurors were not asked ahead of time to describe their feelings about homosexuality.

Uhhhhh, okay.

He also told E! News:

I believe it's because I'm unconventional. It's people who are outside the norm and I am in a number of ways. What happened to me in the courtroom shows that [the gay community] is being treated as less than and it's just wrong. It's a civil rights issue.

I don't know about the whole "They sent me to jail because I'm GAY!" card, but I will certainly agree that Richard Hatch appears to be outside the norm. Apparently he's planning a return to reality television—with a show about the children he's fathered as the result of being a sperm donor.

According to Hatch, he was a sperm donor in college and has "quite a few children." It's unclear if we're talking, like, ten kids or fifty or what, but two of his offspring have been in contact with him, which seems to have given him the idea for the show (which hasn't been picked up yet, but has reportedly attracted network interest).

I think people will be fascinated to see their lives and what happens in the whole realm of donor offspring siblings.

Wow. I just ... wow. So the show would feature Hatch meeting his sperm-donated kids and uniting them with each other, all for the purpose of replenishing Hatch's bank account with reality show earnings? Gosh, it sounds nearly as wholesome as watching Hatch's blurred-out manparts parading around the Survivor beaches.

Seriously, everything about this man seems shady and more than a little unsavory. I think the conditions for his release should have included a NO MORE REALITY SHOWS EVER clause—but then again, he probably would have sued for it being a violation of his civic rights.

Would you watch a Richard Hatch sperm donor reality show?

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