Hopefully Pippa Middleton’s Nun-Inspired Dress Won’t Become a Habit

pippa middletonPippa Middleton has been killing it (for the most part) on her daily catwalks to work. Duchess Catherine's younger sister always looks posh, totally pulled together, and completely relatable in her duds each day. Except for when she wore what she did the other day -- well, I just can't relate to that one bit.

Pippa dressed like a nun. Not in a nun-ish outfit, not in something reminiscent of a nun. She full-on dressed like a nun who works and resides in a church. The only thing missing was a habit and pair of rosary beads.


The bag and the laptop case that she's carrying are to die for. Seriously, where did she get that laptop case? But the rest? Well, I just wish it were styled differently. The white Peter Pan collar, the knee-length dress, the black opaque tights, the flat patent leather shoes. Individually, they're all lovely pieces. But together? It's Nun City. Or possibly Pilgrim City.

If Pippa would have worn her black and white Susannah dress with a pair of heels (even a pair of boots -- or booties!), sheer black tights, and a bright-colored coat (yellow?), it would have been fantastic. You can never go wrong with black, white, and another color. But the combination of all these ultra-conservative pieces makes Pippa look like she's wearing a costume, as opposed to an actual outfit she put together.

It's Pippa, though. So, of course, we forgive. You can't be 100 percent on every single day. And her fashion fail actually makes things kind of fun -- she mixed it up a bit. And she made us all the more excited to see what she wears next.

Do you like Pippa's outfit?


Image via Splash

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