Leighton Meester Lawsuit Exposed Dark Side of Fame

Leighton Meester has everything in the world -- looks, a booming career, talent, and more. Unfortunately what she doesn't have -- a supportive and loving mother -- is the most glaring right now. After months in court, Meester's mother has dropped has dropped her $3 million lawsuit against her daughter, but the damage is way, way done. 

Put it this way: I wouldn't want to be at their Christmas dinner table this month.

Meester's mother justified going after her daughter's money because she claimed she "sacrificed her happiness" to help Leighton pursue acting and that the Gossip Girl star is legally bound to support her. To Meester's mother, I say this: Sacrificing our happiness is part of the game, suck it up.


It's preposterous, really, that a parent would expect their child to support them, but in the world of fame and fortune, it's probably not that far from most people's reality. When one person hits it big, everyone else thinks they deserve a slice of the pie.

Drew Barrymore's family did it when she was a little girl and countless other child stars have had parents who dip into their bank accounts and take it like it's their own. As a parent myself, it's hard to imagine doing such a thing, but it must be so much worse for the children.

Fame can be lonely and it's hard to know who your real friends are anyway. The idea that your own family would feel entitled to your money and use you in such a way is truly tragic. Who can Meester trust if she can't trust her own mother?

There are about 1,000 upsides to fame, including money, adoration, and people at your beck and call. But it also has its downsides and this is one of them. Meester owed her mother nothing and, clearly, had she been a better, more loving mother, Meester may have wanted to give just on her own accord.

Instead her mother tried to steal from her. It may have concluded and she may have dropped the lawsuit, but the damage is way, way done.

Do you think this is sad?


Image via CWTV

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