'Khloe & Lamar' Is Heading South & We Can't Wait

Lamar Odom & Khloe KardashianYou say Calabasas, and I immediately think Kardashians. For years now, we've gotten to know and love the Kardashian clan as they come and go from Bruce Jenner's home in the elite California town. Soon enough, though, the same word association may be true for Dallas, as Lamar Odom, husband to Khloe Kardashian, has officially been traded to the Dallas Mavericks. News today is that the couple's reality show, Khloe & Lamar, is headed to the Lone Star State as well. Khloe tweeted today: "As soon as I pack our house up, I'll be there."

Sure, a Kardashian in Dallas is bit of a change of pace from what we Kardash reality TV fans are used to. However, I think it's a good one! Come on -- Calabasas is SO season 1. Just think of all the fun things we'll have to look forward to!

Here are five things I hope to see on Khloe & Lamar once they start filming in Dallas:


1. Khloe buying cowboy boots: Aside from being home to the Mavericks, Dallas is also home to the Cowboys. That means that Khloe (and hopefully Lamar, too!) is going to have to invest in some good ol' classic cowboy boots. A bit of a change of pace from the youngest Kardashian sister's go-to Louboutins, eh?

2. Khloe going on a weight loss mission: Personally, I don't think Khloe has anything to worry about when it comes to her weight. However, Dallas temperatures are a bit hotter than those in California this time of year. More heat means less clothes, and less clothes means tons of unwanted opportunities to the paparazzi to come a-knockin'. We all saw how frustrated she got after that unwanted press last week, right?

3. The couple heading out on more adventurous dates: Previously, we mostly watched Khloe and her hubby hang around their beautiful Calabasas mansion. In this new, fun setting, it's highly likely the duo will head out to try new things. I'm hoping for some horseback riding into the sunset and a monster truck derby or two.

4. The opening of a new DASH store: With Lamar busy with his ballin' career, Khloe may need something to keep her occupied. I've watched Most Elligible Dallas, I've seen how happenin' that community is. The city could be the perfect locale for the newest expansion of their DASH franchise. Hopefully Kim will head south and help out!

5. Loads of Skype sessions with the sissies: If I had to list one thing I love about the Kardashians, it's how close their entire family is. I have no doubt that the move will mean loads of video chatting to help cope with the long-distance loving. 

Are you surprised Khloe is planning on heading to Dallas? What do you think this means for Khloe & Lamar?

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