Katy Perry's 'SNL' Spoof on Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Is So Dead On (VIDEO)

abby elliot as kate middleton bullied by queen and prince philip snlEvery week, it seems like there's a new rumor that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their first royal kiddo. Poor Princess Catherine can't even walk into an event holding a tiny clutch across her middle without being called preggers. It's probably driving her a wee bit batty to have the world's eyes on her tummy, but actually, Kate's biggest frustration might stem from her hubby's grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip ... well, as far as SNL was concerned this weekend.

The show did a skit with Abby Elliot playing Kate, who is abandoned by William while visiting the Queen (played by Fred Armisen) and her royal hubby (played by Bill Hader), only to be immediately grilled about getting pregnant ASAP. Then, Katy Perry comes in as Pippa to stick up for her sis. OMG, too funny!


Here's a video of the sketch if you missed it ...

Even though the Queen and Prince do go insanely overboard when cornering Kate -- you know, for comedic value, of course -- the overall experience likely rings a bell with just about any woman who ever had an in-law!

Both my own mother and my boyfriend's mother (who are definitely both queens in their own right and experts in Jewish mother guilt) would just LOOOOVE to see me get pregnant. My boyfriend's mom actually said last night that she had a premonition we had come over to share the "news." "No!" we responded, rolling our eyes and smirking. "Well, then, are you at least engaged?" Yes. It's true. Our moms would rather have a baby on the way than a wedding to plan! You might think it's as hilarious as this SNL skit, but I only wish I was joking!!

To me, it's total craziness, because I'd rather not put the cart before the horse. I definitely plan on "giving them grandchildren," but you know, in my own time. That should be the case for any woman. Sure, we want to see our parents experience the joy of grandparenthood, but there's no reason we should be pressured into getting pregnant for their sake, before we're ready ourselves! Yeesh!

But man, I think I have it bad. Not only does Kate have to "give" Queen Elizabeth a great-grandchild, but also an heir to the throne! Then again, can't they just be happy that they have two generations (Prince Charles and Prince William) already lined up for that gig? Seriously, while I love Katy Perry's portrayal of Pippa coming to her sister's defense, I hope the real Kate's standing up for herself on this one. She may be a royal, but she still reserves the right to get pregnant in her own time.

Have you ever felt pressured by family to get pregnant before you were ready?

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