Jennifer Aniston Sexiest Woman Award Is An 'In Your Face' for Bradley Cooper

Jennifer AnistonBradley Cooper fans, listen up! We just got some more ammunition for our Ryan Gosling WHO? arsenal! Jennifer Aniston has been named the Sexiest Woman of All Time by readers of Men's Health Magazine.

Quick quiz: anyone remember who was canoodling with Jen a few years back? It wasn't Mr. Ooooh, I'm so romantic because I was in The Notebook, and I didn't stop loving my wife even though she'd totally forgotten who I was, that's for darn sure! Didn't his mama tell him that the people you hang around with are a reflection of your quality as a person? Because Jen's award sure as heck reflects well on her one-time boyfriend's.


I know, I know, I'm hauling out a week's old argument over his "Sexiest" Award from People. But hear me out.

Aniston totally earned her role at the top of the Men's Health list because, as the magazine explains, she's avoided the "one-dimensionality" of sex symbols who smolder but don't bring much else to the table. She tops a list of 100 that totally skips over Gosling's two best known flames: Rachel McAdams and Sandra Bullock (and ladies, I will note both were robbed -- who is cuter than McAdams, really?). But Jen grabs number one because she's more than cute. "Throughout her career," they say, "Aniston has remained sexy, funny, and unmistakably real."

Which, frankly, is what made her and Cooper make a whole lot of sense when their names were linked to one another. Yes, she's with Justin Theroux these days. I'm not playing matchmaker here. But seeing those names paired atop these sexy lists makes me feel pretty darn good about being a woman in America right now. They say a lot about what men and women alike value in the other sex.

Sexy is subjective -- just ask the Gosling camp -- but Aniston has always seemed like that girl next door to me, the one who Ross can legit crush on because she's not just pretty, she's honest, open, kind. Like Jen, Bradley Cooper has a lot to him. He speaks French! He loves his mom! He can make fun of himself! He's imperfect. He's real. That's sexy.

The fact that Men's Health voters agree is like a big ol' shot in the arm to those of us who think it takes more than bedroom eyes to get us in bed.

Do you agree with the Men's Health vote for Jennifer? Does it make you rethink the whole Cooper/Gosling debacle?


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