5 Hollywood Celebrities With Great Behinds (PHOTOS)

pippa middletonForget terrifically taut tummies and perfectly buoyant breasts, 2011 was the year of the butt (thanks to a certain royal sister). Pert, round, sculpted, and toned, booties are definitely Hollywood's latest "must-have" body part. And the best thing about them? No surgery required -- just a little extra work at the gym. Check out five of this year's best asses. The photos are the perfect motivation to keep your New Year's resolution.

Pippa Middleton. The rear that launched a thousand (actually, more like a million) tweets. Kate's younger sister took the world by storm this year thanks to her perfect derriere. She even inspired a "surgical butt lift craze." No going under the knife for Pippa, though. Her royal hotness keeps her famous bum in shape the old-fashioned way -- lots of exercise.





kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian. Kim's got a whole lotta bootie for a little girl. And in most circles, that's a good thing. We often see photos of the former Mrs. Humphries heading in and out of the gym, but we also see lots of photos of her doing something else most celebs don't do -- eating. Kim's living proof that there's no need to starve yourself in order to have a good butt. Especially if you want that butt on the "fuller" side.

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez. Despite being the original "butt queen" of Hollywood, J.Lo's still got it. At 42, the American Idol judge's arse is just as pert as ever. And she definitely knows it.

christina hendricks

Christina Hendricks. Her boobs aren't the only thing she's known for. Christina's all-around voluptuous body gives way to an enviable, voluptuous bottom, as well. God bless good genes.

jessica biel

Jessica Biel. Oh, hello, perfectly round, perky butt on a perfectly beautiful woman. Jessica Biel really just has it all. The face, the hair, and the body. She's not super skinny, but strong, curvy, and toned all the way. Totally jealous.

So, see? It isn't all plastic surgery all the time in Hollywood. Sometimes, for the best assets, all you need is a little hard work.

Who do you think has the best bottom in Hollywood?


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