Kris Humphries Couldn't Even Get Interviews if Not for Kim Kardashian (VIDEO)

kris humphriesFor all the mocking and complaining Kris Humphries does about ex-wife Kim Kardashian's "Hollywood behavior," you'd think he'd be super down to earth himself. I mean, he's a regular ol' guy from Minnesota who just wants to shoot some hoops, right? Nothin' fancy to see here.

Well, then what is this business about him getting "livid" with Good Morning America over a reporter asking him questions about his relationship with Kim? What the hell does he expect? Why else did he think he was asked to be on the show? And I thought such petulant behavior was strictly reserved for Hollywood starlets and such, not good ol' Midwestern boys.


You can check out the video below -- it is a little awkward -- but Kris is saying that he felt ambushed by the barrage of Kardashian kwestions thrown at him and his mother. He supposedly only agreed to do the interview to promote his chairty work (sure) and to support his mom's cooking segment on the show (his mom has a cooking segment!). Then, when interviewer Josh Elliot started firing off the relationship inquiries, well, Kris was just all sorts of thrown off. The nerve.

Here's a kwestion for Kris: Did he really think he wasn't going to get grilled about his brief marriage to Kim? Does he think that he'll ever do an interview that doesn't pertain to his brief marriage to Kim? Before the Fairytale Wedding, NBA fans aside, did anyone have any clue as to who Kris Humphries was? I'm not trying to sound callous here, but it's the God's honest truth. The reason he's a person of interest -- the reason this here blog post is being written about him -- is because he was involved with one of the most high-profile, scandalous divorces of 2011. Acting incredulous when he gets asked questions about it is just plain idiotic. And way more diva-like than anything I've ever heard of Kim doing.

Check out the video:

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Do you think Kris has a right to be shocked when he's asked questions about Kim?


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