'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Has Bigger Emotional Problems Than We Thought

amber portwoodTeen Mom Amber Portwood made a hugely personal revelation this week: The reality tv star says she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder several years ago. Well, that does explain a lot, doesn't it? The explosive bouts of rage, the suicidal tendencies. She's been about as predictable as a volcano, and similarly destructive to everything in her path.

You'd think that since Portwood has known for some time why her moods are all over the place, things would have leveled off somewhat by now.

If you know what the problem is, you can treat it, right?

Unfortunately, treatment of bipolar disorder isn't that simple.


Usually a mix of medications is used to manage bipolar disorders, including mood stabilizers like lithium, antidepressants and sometimes anti-psychotics like Seroquel and Risperdal. It's very difficult, however, to find the right balance, and most of the necessary medications have side effects (sometimes significant side effects).

Plus, Portwood doesn't JUST have bipolar disorder. She's also been diagnosed with dissociative disorder. Which is even harder to treat and can even cause Portwood to black out.

So as if being a Teen Mom in and of itself wasn't challenging enough, Portwood is also dealing with an incredibly difficult and painful disease. It sheds a completely different light on the girl, doesn't it? I'm not excusing her actions or saying nothing she did was her own fault.

But damn, that's what I call a full plate.

It was brave of Amber Portwood to come forward and talk about her illness, given the stubborn stigma attached to bipolar and dissociative disorders. Hopefully her honesty will give other girls the courage to get help before their own lives go off the rails.

Do you think Amber Portwood will find a way to live a healthy, happy life despite her limitations?

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