Put Ryan Seacrest on the 'Today' Show and Watch the Kardashians Disappear

ryan seacrestIf Ryan Seacrest replaces Matt Lauer on the Today show, what will happen to the Kardashians? Rumor has it that the hardest working man in Hollywood is being courted to replace Matt on the venerable NBC morning show, and I'm all for it for a lot of reasons, but first and foremost, a new job for Seacrest means there might be some shake-ups at the E! network. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Seacrest has his hand in so many fires that one of them will just have to burn out if he takes the Today show job. And I see no reason why it can't be the Kardashians whose flame fizzles out.


Seacrest is the producer of all billion of the Kardashian programs. What will they do without his controlling hand showing them what to do? I hope they just go away. Just like, poof, eviscerate into ash and be carried away by the wind.

In a perfect world, Seacrest will replace Matt, the Kardashians will disappear, and I'll get a new car. Hey, if we're wishing for a perfect world, I'm allowed to be a little selfish. Anyway, besides the obvious benefit of the K fam vanishing, I think Seacrest would make an excellent Today show anchor.

He's got a ton of experience -- American Idol, E! News, his radio show -- so he could seamlessly transition into Matt's role. He's self-deprecating, has great hair, and has more connections in Hollywood than Heidi Fleiss.

The only thing I'm a little worried about is Seacrest asking the tough questions. I feel like he doesn't like to get too confrontational, which could make some interviews a little too fluffy for my taste. Remember when Matt got after it with Tom Cruise? We need someone who can do that too, and Seacrest may or may not be our man. I have a feeling he'd just flash his pearly whites at guests and throw them softballs, which would be kind of lame.

Other than that little issue, I fully endorse Seacrest as the new Lauer. So, if someone could please get Ryan a bucket of water and put it by his desk at E!, that would be swell. We need to enable him in distinguishing everything that starts with a K and ends in a divorce.

Do you think Ryan Seacrest would make a good replacement for Matt Lauer?


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