Lindsay Lohan 'Playboy' Cover: How Does She Stack Up Against Other Naked Celebs?

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan's Playboy cover leaked, and for as declasse and unsexy as the actress can sometimes seem, it actually is pretty hot. And sort of classy. You know, by Playboy standards. 

You can see the photo after the jump, you dirty bird, but here's the low down: The starlet is straddling a Playboy bunny-shaped chair in nothing but black pumps and bright red lipstick. Her hair is a messy pile of sexy, blonde curls, and she actually does look a little bit old Hollywood. But the cover is nowhere near as sexy as Marilyn Monroe's, contrary to what some people have been saying.

But it is sexier than some of the other covers of Hollywood celebs who have "taken the plunge" (cough-Kim Kardashian-cough). Let's compare and talk smack! Wee!


Kim Kardashian. As I said, Lohan's cover is way better than Kim's. And, truth be told, I think Kim is technically more attractive than Lindsay. Kim's cover is just ... awkward. And kind of '80s. Definitely didn't accentuate her beauty. Just her boobies.

Marilyn Monroe. Hell no is Lindsay's cover better or sexier than Marilyn's. Marilyn is definitely more covered up on her cover, but the sheer scarf she's holding up with her mouth -- perfection. Best Playboy cover of all time. Yeah, I said it.

Carmen Electra. She's done Playboy a few times, but I'm talking about her most recent -- the 55th anniversary issue. It's a tough call, but I think I'm more partial to Carmen's cover over Lindsay's. I don't know, there's just something about the way she's positioned and the black sheets. Very hot.

Anna Faris. Okay, Lohan's is light years ahead of this cover. Then again, most are. I think Faris is hilarious, but this cover is a joke. Not sure what they were going for here -- the schoolgirl look? If so, they need to swap out that pink skirt and ditch the chain belt.

Tara Reid. Lohan wins again here. Like Anna's, Tara's cover is just plain cheesy. The slutty tuxedo outfit, the wind machine. She looks like she ought be in a Poison video, not on the cover of a magazine.

So, for as skeptical as I was about Lindsay doing Playboy -- and for as much as I scoffed at the murmurings of the "tastefulness" of the whole thing -- I admit, it's not half bad. Particularly when you compare it to some of these ladies'.

What do you think of Lindsay's cover?


Image via americaistadechiapas/Flickr

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