6 ‘Glee’ Gifts to Make a Gleek’s Heart Sing

warbler ringThe Christmas episode of Glee has already come and gone (and will for weeks to come for those of us who are reliving its glory on DVR). Now it's time to get serious, shoppers. What are you going to buy for the Gleek on your holiday shopping list?

Power up your iPod with the latest Rachel Berry solo, and let's get cracking, shall we?


Warbler Ring; $10.95 -- Bohemian Storm

It's the closest to hanging with Darren Criss' crew they'll ever get, but it's absolutely adorable. Handcrafted from aluminum (so it won't make their fingers go green!), this little ring will give them the confidence to go a capella.


Happy Accidents

Happy Accidents by Jane Lynch; $17.15 -- Amazon

Every time Glee flips to commercial, this has been thrust in their face, so stop the torture and just buy it for them already! Find out where Sue Sylvester got that fabulous sneer!

Glee nail polish

Glee Sephora by OPI Nail Polishes, $9.50 per bottle -- Sephora

Let them paint their piggies to match the shade of their favorite Sue Sylvester track suit du jour. Or just make them feel as glam as Mercedes when she's belting one out for the Troubletones in something sparkly.

Lima Bean Coffee Mug

Lima Bean Gift Mug, $24.95 -- FoxShop

For the friend who doesn't want to be too obvious in their Gleekery, I present the Lima Bean gift mug from the place Lima's losers get their coffee before hitting Breadstix for dinner. So they can drink their coffee and whistle a happy tune, and no one at work has to know it's a nod to their favorite TV show.


monte carlo

Monte Carlo DVD, $25.49 -- Amazon

No self-respecting member of Team Finn can continue to go on without a copy of Cory Monteith's first major movie role as an adorable boyfriend to a kickass girl. Sounds a lot like one former McKinley High quarterback, doesn't it?

I am number four

I Am Number Four DVD, $19.99 -- Amazon

Dianna Agron put in a showing herself at the box office this year with this sci-fi thriller. She's no head cheerleader in this flick, but then again, Quinn Fabray isn't these days either! Get your fill of your favorite screwed up teenager!

What's on your list for your favorite Gleek this holiday season?

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