Big, Hairy ‘Glee’ Spoiler Should Have Been Kept Under Wraps

artie gleeAre we all looking forward to the Glee Christmas episode? That show is getting CA-RAZY now, what with the gay love triangle, inappropriate teacher/student relations (maybe), teen strippers, not to mention practically pole dancing on stage -- what is going on? And HOW will they possibly top it -- while still embracing the holidays in true Glee spirit?

Unfortunately, I already know their secret weapon for the Christmas episode. And it's awesome. And totally unexpected -- except they're already telling people about it! What the holly?!? Why would they do that? Don't they want to keep us in suspense?

Warning: SPOILER after the jump! Click only if you want the surprise ruined for you too, and let's face it -- who can resist?


Where do you go when you've pushed the sex envelope about as far as you dare for a prime-time television show -- about teenagers? You go in a completely different direction. Harry Shum Jr., who plays dancer Mike Chang, who told viewers that none other than Star Wars' Chewbacca will be making a cameo appearance.

"He makes an appearance into Artie's dream in a way," Shum said. "I can't really delve into the details, but it's something to do with Artie." Don't worry, Harry, YOU'VE GIVEN AWAY ALL THE DETAILS WE NEED ALREADY. Matthew Morrison says Chewie will be part of a Star Wars tribute. Whatever.

Here's the thing about Chewbacca cameos. They operate on the element of surprise. When Chewbacca pops up somewhere, it's hilarious because the Wookiee is about last thing we expected. Big hairy guy! MRWOOOOOW! Hilarious! Otherwise, you might as well use C-3PO. Sheesh! Don't they know what?

But now we know he's coming. And we're going to be like, "Oh neat, it's the Chewie part. Huh, that was cute." And that will be it. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. What do Chewbacca and holiday presents have in common? They're more fun when you keep them under wraps!

Are you still looking forward to the Glee Christmas episode anyway?


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