Alec Baldwin Should Have Checked His Ego at the Airport Gate

You know when you're super into a game of "Words with Friends" and you're about to play something like "QUINOA" for 144 points which is going to kick so much ass and redeem you for that time you had, like, four Js and a V and all you could play was VJJJJ which apparently isn't even a word even thought it would clearly make an awesome vanity plate if you were a bikini waxer, and nothing is going to stop you from the game, not even the prospect of being kicked off your flight? Well, apparently Alec Baldwin is familiar with this situation.

Actually, I have no idea what kind of word he was going to play—maybe he was just going to tack an S at the end of his opponent's already-awesome word, thus committing the Vocabulary Villain's Lazy-Ass Move—but he was so into WWF Baldwin refused to stop playing when an American Airlines attendant asked him to put it away.

Naturally, in this post-9/11 world where danger lurks behind every electronic screen, they booted him from the plane.


Apparently Baldwin was happily playing the Scrabble-like game "Words With Friends" on his iPad when a flight attendant asked Baldwin to power down his device. After being asked several more times (and, I guess, refusing to comply), Baldwin was then removed from the flight.

He wasted no time in airing his fury on Twitter:

Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving. #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt

It's unclear exactly went down—a spokesman for American Airlines refused to comment due to “privacy concerns”, while some reports seem to indicate Baldwin was removed for “abusive conduct”—but I can tell you this much: the asshole should have turned off his iPad like the rest of us.

I mean, we all think it's a stupid policy, right? No one really believes that listening to music on an iPod or playing a cellphone game while the plane is taking off will cause some sort of bizarre, catastrophic interference that results in a horrible twisted burning pile of wreckage and human loss, right? But when we're told to turn off all electronic devices, we sigh and COMPLY. Because like it or not, when it comes to airline travel, we don't get to make the rules.

If we did, none of us would be shuffling through filthy security floors in our bare feet. I mean, FOR ONE.

Clearly Baldwin thinks his celebrity status gives him the right to
act like a spoiled child, and I'm sorry for his fellow passengers who were delayed by the plane having to go back to the gate, but I'm kind of glad he got kicked off. While the whole thing makes the airline sound a little silly, how annoying would it be to learn that Alec Baldwin was allowed to do something the rest of us aren't, simply because he's a famous actor who also seems to have a bit of an anger management problem?

Ridiculously, Baldwin went on to tweet,

United shud hav app onboard where u can play WWF w other passengers.

Okay, 1) you're 53, so stop with the teen grammar, and 2) really, that's what airlines need to do to compete for our business? Provide in-flight social gaming options? Here's a suggestion for the next time you need to briefly pass the time in an analog manner: it's made of paper, it fits in your carryon, and it's called a "book."

Do you feel sorry for Alec Baldwin in this scenario?

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