'True Blood' Hunk Will Give 'New Girl' Some Much-Needed Bite

true bloodI must confess, I'm not a huge New Girl fan. Something about all those promo shots of Zooey Deschanel with her arms thrown up in the air turns me off: Wheee, I'm quirky and carefree! But I'll gladly suspend my disbelief for the Valentine's Day episode, because one of my favorite True Blood hotties is going to be guest-starring as a one-night stand.

Or perhaps I should say, the most unforgettably amazing one-night stand in history ...


Okay, are you ready?? The one-night stand will be played by ...

Ryan Kwanten! Otherwise known as ...

ryan kwanten
Ryan Kwanten

Jason Stackhouse! (Please tell me he'll be shirtless.)

The best part is, Kwanten will reportedly be speaking in his native Australian accent. Not that I don't love that Louisiana drawl, but the hot Aussie thing is ... well, it's hot.

Of course, Kwanten isn't the only True Blood babe hiding a super-sexy accent under that Southern twang ...

One doesn't notice that slight hint of Swede when Alexander Skarsgard is in Eric mode, but off-screen, he's got the most tantalizing lilt. As for Bill, you might have heard Stephen Moyer's authentic British accent come through on the True Blood episode when he had that hilarious flashback to the night he went hunting as a Sex Pistols-era punk.

Unfortunately it wouldn't make much sense for any of these Bon Temps heartbreakers to break character and speak the same way they would back on the ranch, so to speak. But I definitely wouldn't mind, would you?

Anyway, all the more reason to catch Kwanten on New Girl. Too bad he's cast as a one-night stand ... I'd watch every week! No matter how many times Deschanel throws her hands in the air and waves 'em like she just don't care.

Will you watch Ryan Kwanten on New Girl?


Images via HBO

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