Kristin Chenoweth's Big Booty Joke Shouldn't Hurt Kim Kardashian

kristin chenoweth amcaI always knew Kristin Chenoweth could shake her butt, but not like this! Last night at the American Country Music Awards, the singer revealed something big: a grand view of her outrageous padded-ass jeans. And whose ass does that remind you of? GIRRRRRRL, I know you love Kim Kardashian's bodacious bodonkadonk, but isn't this going too far?

Poor Kim! Recall how her soon-to-be-ex Kris Humphries supposedly called her a "fat ass." Even a girl blessed with famously out-sized assets has feelings. Unless you subscribe to the theory that a plastic woman has Teflon feelings.


Oh yes I did! Kim puts it out there every day -- it's her JOB. If we stop talking about her, if the paparazzi stop following her, she doesn't exist. Does it even matter if that ass is real? Maybe it's real. Maybe not. Who cares as long as you're looking at it. Are you looking at it? LOOK AT IT! LOOK AT IT! LOOK AT THAT ASS! That's the whole point.

We don't know how much of Kim is real and how much is just for show, and that includes her feelings. I think that makes it easy for us to just assume she doesn't have real feelings at all. It's like she's a robot who exists just stir up the tabloids. So she's fair game for anyone who wants some scandal or an easy laugh, right?

Even other celebs like Kristin Chenoweth can't resist making fun. Then again, Kristin should have an inkling of what Kim goes through: her single "I Didn't" has some people wishing she hadn't. Ouch! People can be so mean! You make yourself vulnerable when you put your stuff out there -- whatever your stuff is. So for Kim and Kristin's sake, I hope they both have Teflon feelings.

Do you think Kristin Chenoweth went too far making fun of Kim Kardashian's booty, or was it all just in good fun?


Image via Ethan Miller/Getty

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