'Dexter' Wormwood Attack May Be Most Revealing Ending Yet

It has been a great sixth season of Dexter and now, with only two episodes left, it seems the show is going to do what it does best at the end of each season -- scare us to death. I can't remember the last finale of the show I have managed to watch without covering my eyes at least once, and this one appears to be no different.

Travis is about to create his final tableau based on Wormwood, a Biblical fallen star that poisons mankind. Judging from the previews and from the end of the episode, it seems pretty obvious where it's going to happen.

**Spoilers ahead**


Travis and his new partner are going to release toxic gas into the police station after they clubbed Batista over the head when he started asking them questions. They saw that as a "sign." This is mostly because they are insane and scary, but nevertheless. There it is.

It's almost always someone Dexter loves who is in peril at the end of every season, but this one might be the scariest because it's everyone.

Every season I think this may be the one where he gets caught, but I think this one really may be it. The way things have been going -- Deb being in counseling, wanting to be closer to her brother, really looking at him and seeing how closed off he is -- my guess is she finds out at the end of this season when she is in peril thanks to Wormwood.

We all know someone has to go and my money is on Quinn. He has been pretty disposable this season with all the drinking and sex and general debauchery.

Of all the killers Dexter has stalked, Travis is the most complicated and also, perhaps, the craziest. This is going somewhere very scary. I can feel it building. I don't know what to expect, but I am sure these last two episodes are going to be explosive in every way.

Do you think Dexter will be revealed?


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