Ali Fedotowsky Should Have Seen This Breakup Coming

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez seemed like one of the few couples made on ABC's The Bachelorette who might really stand a chance of making it. She was sunshine-y sweet and perky, and he is passionate, smart, and sexy. They seemed genuinely in love. But alas, it wasn't meant to be, and the fact is, the reasons their 18-month-old engagement ended were actually the kinds of things they would have seen much earlier if they had been a normal couple.

According to Ali, who says she ended it, the two were just fundamentally different. He was a homebody and introvert, and she was a gregarious, career-minded social type. Apparently he also has old-fashioned views about women and her career didn't sit well with him.

These are all valid and good reasons for ending a relationship, but isn't it possible that had they met in a "real" way, these are differences that would have been revealed far sooner?


An extrovert would be revealed as such pretty early on and there would be no relationship development. Unfortunately, on The Bachelor, they basically shove people into a fairy tale and then expect them to last in the real world. It's totally unrealistic.

How can a person really assess compatibility and general temperament when they are being sent on fabulous vacations, jet skiing through Aruba, riding in helicopters, and staying in fantasy suites? And then once it ends, when real life descends, the "happy couple" is placed in the media spotlight and expected to perform. The fact is, most people are expecting them to fail.

Given all these obstacles, it's amazing the relationship even made it past one year.

I happen to believe in soul mates, in the idea that there is one person out there for us who completes us and makes us whole. But even if you don't, the fact is, there are only a handful of people who will ever be able to really mesh with our personalities well enough to become our spouse. The idea that ABC could find them for us is ludicrous, absurd, and laughable.

Ali and Roberto will both be better off finding their spouse out and about in their real lives. Then they can assess real compatibility and not just screen appeal and potential ratings boosters.

Do you think their breakup was inevitable?


Image via ABC

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