Lindsay Lohan on 'Big Brother' Means We've All Gotta Move

lindsay lohanSo we all have to start looking for work and an apartment in the U.K. because rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan is close to signing a deal that would put her on the British reality show Celebrity Big Brother. We're not going to miss our chance to see this just because we have established lives in America, are we? I didn't think so. Because Lindsay Lohan on a Big Brother is absolutely a valid reason to pick up and move across the pond and start a new life in England. We'll have tea and crumpets and new accents and we'll watch as LiLo destroys her life and career on reality TV. It's going to be fantastic. Well, for us, that is. For Ms. Lohan? Not so much.


The sad part is that reports are saying that Lindsay thinks this will help her career. Last time I checked, only G-list celebrities go on reality shows. Like Heidi and Spencer, no-name VH1 talking heads, and that random Baldwin brother who we can all pretty much assume is a complete and total embarrassment to his family. Lindsay's still a star and definitely still an A-lister. She doesn't belong in a group with these losers!

Sure, she's been in jail a handful of times and may or may not have made out with a rich, married hotelier while snorting coke in front of paparazzi cameras, but she's still got some cache. Everyone knows she's messed up, but everyone also knows that if she got her act together, she could have a successful career. She's a good actor. Yes, I'm basing this solely off of Mean Girls and The Parent Trap but I mean I think it's agreeable to say that she has some credible skills on the screen. I don't know why she thinks that going on a reality TV show that has cameras in every crack of the house that film 24/7 and that is ripe with controversy and drama would be a good idea, but hey, Lindsay's bad decisions are certainly our gain.

I for one cannot wait to watch her chain smoke on some fake grass and scheme with housemates about voting some skinny bitch off the show. Because you know the Lohan won't want any hottie competitors. I'm also very much looking forward to illegally moving to a foreign country just so I can sit in front of a TV. It's all so exciting! Who's with me?

Lindsay Lohan on Big Brother: Discuss.


Photo via americaestadechiapas/Flickr

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