5 Ways to Wrap Robert Pattinson in a Bow for the Holidays

Edward Cullen NecklaceIf you're looking to Twi-up the holiday season -- and really, why wouldn't you -- it's time to answer just one question. Is your favorite Twilight fan on your holiday gift list Team Edward? Because if she/he doesn't have Robert Pattinson on the brain, first we might ask "what the heck is wrong with her," and second, she'll miss out on all the fabulous holiday gifts that abound for those who feel a little pitter pat when they look at RPatz.

Behold, the answer to all those Team Jacob gifts that didn't work for you (or maybe they did -- feel free to take a gander):


Edward Cullen Pendant, $16 -- Little Bird Singing

Let her carry her favorite book everywhere with a clipping from one of Stephenie Meyer's books encased in a protective pendant and slipped onto a chain to wear 'round her neck.

I'm With the Vampires

I'm With the Vampires T-Shirt, $16 -- Fiction Addictions

You are either with them, or you're against them. And really, they're so lovely, how could you not want to break off a piece of Cullen? If they're good enough for KStew, er, Bella, they're good enough for your bestie.

I'd Like to La Push Jacob Off a Cliff

I'd Like to La Push Jacob Off a Cliff T-Shirt, $12 -- Scarlett Fabric

She's feisty, and she's got no use for mongrel dogs! Perfect for the Twilight fan with a sick sense of humor -- kind of like her hero, Robert Pattinson.

I Drive Like a Cullen

I Drive Like a Cullen Vinyl Decal, $9.95 -- DecalLab

The truth is out. Your favorite member of Team Edward is indeed part vampire. That part would be her lead foot.

Twilight Pop Art

Twilight Pop Art Print; $7.50 -- Beanland

Sure, you can get a ho hum copy of the movie poster. Or you can order up this quirky pop art print that shows Twilight's happy ending just the way she loves it -- with Jacob pouting and RPatz and KStew, um, Edward and Bella, happy together forever.

Who is your favorite Twilight fan on your shopping list?


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