Kennedy Center Honor for Meryl Streep: Could Her Next Role Be Political?

meryl streepMeryl Streep was honored last night at the 34th Annual Kennedy Honors. And with this honor came the obvious: Washington has given its unofficial stamp of approval for Meryl to play Hillary Rodham Clinton in a bio pic tentatively titled Iron Lady II.

Actually the film is still in the development phase (okay, it only exists in my head) so no word yet on the casting choices. But I think it's pretty obvious that this role belongs to two-time Oscar winner Meryl, don't you? They have almost the same coloring, and Meryl does both stoic disappointment and steely determination so well. And a Kennedy Center Honor is practically a gilded invitation for Meryl to please, please play Hillary in a movie.


I'm not the only one who thinks so. At the ceremony, Meryl's friend, writer Nora Ephron, said between Meryl's resemblance to Hillary and her colossal talent, it's "inevitable" that she would someday play Mrs. Clinton. Meryl stood up on her toes to get a better look at Hillary, who laughed and gave a modest "well my stars and garters, who would make a bio pic about little ol' me?" look.

Meryl already has experience playing a strong political woman. She currently plays former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. And with all those awards Meryl has won over the years, I think Hillary would approve. Anyway, who else but Meryl could do justice to the complex Hillary?

Meanwhile, Hillary flew halfway across the globe for the Kennedy Honors. Was it just to see the honors, or did she want to check out the woman who would someday depict her? Was there a secret meeting between Hillary, Meryl, and Nora? And now that we've gotten Hillary sorted out, who will play Bill?

Would you see a bio pic about Hillary Clinton? Do you think Meryl would be the best actress to play her?


Image via Splash News

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