Rumors of Robert Pattinson Cheating on K-Stew Are So NOT True

kristen stewart robert pattinsonStop the madness! Everybody's all up in arms because Robert Pattinson was seen leaving a club with an actress who is not Kristen Stewart. But all of you Team Jacob fans out there can stop doing your little victory dance right now! First of all, Pattinson and Disturbia actress Sarah Roemer weren't even alone. There was absolutely no canoodling of any sort.

And, most importantly, as anyone on Team Edward can tell you, RPattz would never cheat on KStew!

Yes, I realize that kind of romantic optimism seems borderline delusional these days, especially in regards to a Hollywood couple. But Pattinson is different. No, really!


The heartthrob is so obviously head-over-heels for his Twilight co-star, and has been for quite some time. The two of them are so adorably mushy together, you almost feel like you need to look away at times (almost, but not quite). Plus, he's hardly the player type. (Personally I think he might be a tiny bit shy.) Before he got together with Kristen, when did we even hear about him dating at all?

Which leaves the burning question on every Twi-hard's mind: What was RPattz doing out with Roemer?

Gee, I dunno. Maybe they're friends?

Seriously! It does happen that two people (even two ridiculously attractive people) of the opposite sex can actually hang out and not hook up. Maybe the actors were talking about an upcoming project. Maybe Pattinson is trying to find Taylor Lautner a girlfriend. Maybe Roemer was giving Pattinson advice on Christmas shopping for KStew. The possible explanations are limitless!

What do you think Robert Pattinson was doing with Sarah Roemer?


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