'Real Housewife' Kim Richards Comes Clean About Her Substance Abuse

kim richardsAw, man, say it isn't so. Kim Richards has officially checked into rehab. Multiple sources have confirmed that the 47-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has entered into an undisclosed treatment facility. No word on what the treatment is for.

So far this season, I've gone back and forth about Kim and her alleged substance abuse. In the beginning, I totally thought she was using. I didn't know if it was booze or drugs or what, but she seemed too out of it to not be on anything. And I was behind Brandi Glanville when she called her out.

But then, when she visited Adrienne's husband, Paul, for some Botox, and she disclosed all the intense prescriptions she was on, I thought, "Ohhhhh ... that explains it."

Sadly, my original theory was right. I feel bad that Kim's going through all of this right now, but I'm also thinking that it probably wasn't the best time to move in with that dude, Ken.


Without question, Kim's behavior has been bizarre this season -- when we see her, which isn't all that often. She rarely is at functions with the other ladies, and when she is, she seems either erratic or comatose. Once we found out that she was involved with someone, I thought, "Okay, so that's why she's never with the ladies." But now her absence, coupled with the fact that she's checking into rehab, totally makes sense. I just hope she and her boyfriend aren't using together.

Even if they aren't -- which, let's hope that's the case -- her sister, Kyle, was right. She shouldn't be moving in with anybody right now. Clearly, she's at a confusing, tumultuous point. That's not the time to be making major life-changing decisions. She should know that.

Hopefully, Kim will get the help she needs in rehab. And if she decides that Ken is still the one, no harm, no foul. If she realizes otherwise, though, well, that's going to be a whole 'nother mess to deal with.

Do you think Kim and Ken moved in too soon?


Image via Bravo

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