Famous Singer Honors Fan's Request & Visits Injured Army Troops (VIDEO)

DMX DMX might have a reputation as a "bad" guy, but this story will make you think otherwise. After a recent concert, a fan approached the 40-year-old rapper asking him to visit injured troops at a local Army base. And guess what? The next day, "X" did just that.

He even joined some of the wounded servicemen and women in a game of wheelchair basketball. Apparently, one of the soldiers told the rapper that his visit was the best early Christmas gift he's ever gotten.

How sweet!


Seems like the philanthropy bug has bitten loads of celebs recently. First Justin Timberlake, then Mila Kunis and Kristin Cavallari. Now this? It's really great to see members of the entertainment industry continuously giving back to our troops.

There's no better feeling in the world than honoring the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. In DMX's case, he was able to spend time with troops whose lives have been changed forever because of the injuries they sustained during service. After hearing the Army troops speak about how difficult life is on a day-to-day basis with their disabilities, I can only imagine how touching that must be for DMX -- or anyone who gets to know them for that matter.

Sure, DMX has had his fair share of bad press, but it's stuff like this that shows he's trying to get back on the right track. I hope that seeing him ball around will inspire other celebs to give back too -- whether it's simply spending some time at a local military base or showing up for a sponsored charity event.

Watch DMX and the injured soldiers play basketball at Fort Sam Houston here:

What do you think of DMX staying true to his promise to visit wounded soldiers?


Image via PATV Channel 18 Iowa City/Flickr

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